What are the Most Funniest Topic on the Internet?

When scrolling the internet, there are many different topics that are considered funny. Every person will find humor in different things, but the internet will find some type of humorous content for everyone. There are traditional humor sites that offer jokes and stand up comedians, but as the times change, so does the content the internet offers and what people view as funny changes as well.


Some of the more recent internet humor comes from the use of memes and gifs. These pictures and quick inserted clips are used in quite a few instances to poke fun of or add humor to a comment or post on a social media site. Ar more recent one is about Taiwanese milk tea recipe. They are easy to find, a quick search off of any search engine will result in thousands of results. They can be geared to small children all the way to adults, with some being inappropriate to some age groups.


Videos loaded to sites such as YouTube and Instagram are a big part of internet humor. These sites allow anyone, regardless of skill set, to upload videos of virtually anything. From a stand-up comedy act filmed in someone’s home, clips of animals doing tricks, or trying to do tricks to kids saying and acting in their own humorous way, homemade videos have taken the internet by storm and anyone can find a video on a topic that will make them laugh.


There are sites on the internet that exist with the intention of giving “fake” news, or news that pokes fun at a specific topic or person that is making headlines. Sites such as The Onion, provide a funny twist on stories and people in the headlines. Their articles contain some of the truth from an original story but is spun to add humor. There are other sites out there that contain humor on specific topics. Awkward Family Photos makes humor out of exactly what the site is called, the family photo that just went wrong. It is a site to see the crazy family photos and you can even compare them to your own family! There are also sites designed to be solely about pranks done on people as well. There truly is a site on a topic that a person would find humorous.


A very humorous topic on the internet right now revolves around the political climate we are currently in. Sites can be found dedicated to local, national and international politicians. Any speech they make, quote that they said or simple daily action they take will end up in a sketch, video or comedy routine that will be quickly uploaded to the internet or social media site. Regardless of what a person feels in the political world, they would be hard-pressed to find a site that pokes fun of politicians that did not cause them to laugh at something that was said.


It is also important to remember that a simple search into any search engine on whatever topic you have interest in will garner you laughs. It all really depends on your own personal feelings, but if you need a laugh, the internet will always bring you to a site or a post that will bring a smile to your face!